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Updates from Our Medalists


Meet One of Our Researchers!

Sonia Hernandez, PhD, is one of the researchers working with us in the Vascular Complications Laboratory.  Dr. Hernandez shares her experiences with us below:

"I joined the Medalist program one and a half years ago. Before I worked at the Joslin, I had never heard of the 50-Year Medal. Not only this, but I had never stopped to think what it would be like to have type 1 diabetes for so long. I often wonder, what is it like? Does it become a habit, routine, or are there always new challenges and milestones? What kind of personality, family support, and strength does it take to get a Medal?
When I came to Joslin, I thought I would be thinking mainly about biochemistry, metabolism, biology. I was very eager (and still am) to understand and contribute to the prevention of the complications of diabetes. I did not expect, however, to ponder on the determination, energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to find cures, treatments of so many people.   Being part of the Medalist Team has made me come closer to the human side of research, and get infused with Medalist energy and purpose to improve the lives of people with diabetes in the future."

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Click here to join the Medalist discussion boards and talk to other members of the 50-Year Medalist group!

Keep in touch with Joslin's 50 Year Medalist Program!   Joslin’s 50 and 75 Year Medalists often have remarkable stories of their individual experiences living with diabetes.  Memories of events from the time of diagnosis and childhood, as well as personal successes and triumphs, are important and note-worthy.  Many Medalists enjoy telling their stories, and we appreciate the unique opportunity to hear these anecdotes from 50 or more courageous years with diabetes









Page last updated: December 17, 2017